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Important new regulations under a federal law called the Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act (WIOA) require that individuals who are paid less than the minimum wage must be offered a meaningful opportunity at least once a year to learn about the services and supports available to assist them in securing competitive, integrated employment.

Centers for Independent Living are the organizations who are doing this work in Minnesota. The Metropolitan Center for Independent Living (MCIL) covers the Twin Cities metro area. Our team of specialists have been presenting information on the process in public sessions all around the metro area to people in sub-minimum wage employment and their parents/guardians when applicable, and facilitating conversations around pursuing more competitive employment. Our team also ensures that proper documentation of this conversation is provided to 14c providers.

This conversation is designed to help you make an informed choice about whether or not to pursue competitive, integrated employment. In these conversations, individuals can respond in any of three ways.

  • Yes: I am interested in pursuing competitive, integrated employment and earning the minimum wage or higher.
  • No: I am not interested in pursuing competitive, integrated employment and earning the minimum wage or higher.
  • Refusal: I do not want to participate in the informed choice process.
    • **Please note** Indicating a refusal means that your person will not be able to work in a sub-minimum wage job.


Any of those three responses is acceptable. Regardless of how an individual responds to the conversation – yes, no, or refusal to participate – staff who facilitate the conversation will respect the individual’s choice. The new regulations do require that an individual’s choice be formally documented. Entities that hold special sub-minimum wage certificates will request a copy of the documentation as proof of compliance with these new requirements.